What’s The Online Sales Trend In Australia

Different people have different ideas regarding in-store and online services. However, there is something in common that Australians are talking about and that is the rising popularity of online shopping.

Online shopping has been chosen by a lot of consumers nowadays because of its convenience.
It’s the best option for busy individuals who want to buy something with just a few clicks. If you don’t have time to shop during the day you can do it in the middle of the night but expect a delayed response especially during holiday seasons. It also allows you to avoid the heavy crowds in the malls while simultaneously saving you gas and time.

“For 2011 the Index recorded 29% growth in online spending, achieved on total online sales in Australia of $10.5 billion. Of this, almost 75% of online sales were made with domestic based retailers, the balance with overseas-based online retailers” (FN Arena, 2012). The record shows that online stores offer larger selections and ¾ of all online sales are through domestic based retailers. As online shopping continues to increase, more and more domestic retailers are beginning to focus on online marketing strategies. There are a lot of companies that help businesses build a website or launch an ecommrce store, but none quite like SMBSEO. By offering superior yet low-cost services, SMBSEO has built a solid reputation. Assistance from professionals is important so that the budget and effort will not be wasted, and our team is exactly that – professionals.

Online stores have wide categories to select from. You may also find odd, exotic, old and unusual products that attract customers. “NAB’s Index divided online retail goods into four categories, the largest being Auctions, Department Stores, Fashion, Cosmetics and Variety stores, which accounted for around 50% of all online retail goods bought in 2011. In contrast, Thorn points out while food is traditionally the major category in physical retailing, the Groceries, Liquor and Specialised goods category is the smallest of the four in NAB’s Index at just 13%. The other two categories are Home, Furniture, Appliances and Electronics and Recreation, Toys, Games and Hobbies, Music, Movies and Books, both of which account for around 20% respectively of all online retail sales” (FN Arena, 2012).

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