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Young Entrepreneurs – We Want You!

This is usually the part of a website where the company owners write a bunch of fluff and conjure up stories to make people think they are something great.  We’d like to start by saying that’s exactly what you are not about to read here. The good news is those company directors are usually old and often boring. We are Young Entrepreneurs in Brisbane and we’re fun and awesome.  So this is not a story, this is a real life account of what happens when great minds and desires come together and win.

Our story is far from the typical story of a couple of young entrepreneurs teaming up and overcoming some insurmountable obstacles or enduring some extraordinary struggle to achieve greatness. We’re also not just a couple of Joe Schmo’s who stumbled onto some idea that blew up by chance.  You see, our history is one of continual failure.

Young Entrepreneurs Brisbane

Young Entrepreneurs Brisbane

Most people go through life thinking that the way to become successful or something great is to have a bunch of successes.  What they fail to realise it that in order for a person to achieve all the greatness of success, they first have to fail many, many times in many ways.  And when they fail they need to see that those failures are really not failures at all, they are successes.  And with these failures comes learning and growth, the most important components of achieving dreams.

The other key to our success has been an unwillingness t0 accept anything other than the absolute best. Its this elitist attitude that has encouraged us to demand the most and nothing less from ourselves and those on our team. And we also have a strong belief that the best way to be successful is by helping others to be successful and that is why we engage all of our clients with the mindset to treat them like our own business.  We also encourage others around us and on our team to achieve greatness and through this, we attract great minds to join our movement.

This short, simple message probably wont resonate with most, however for those that it does – we’re looking for you.  Think you know what I mean?  Probably not, but anyways go ahead and shoot us an email, give us your best spin on why you’re the kind of person we’re looking for.