Online Sales Growth Beating In-Store Sales Growth

With the growing trend in consumers shopping online instead of in-store, many businesses are becoming increasingly concerned with online marketing. The reason for the change is the shift in commerce due to the accessibility of products and services.

Historically, retail store customers have wanted to try first a product before buying it, and until recently this was only possible at a brick and mortar store. However, now most customers prefer the convenience of immediate price comparison and getting discounts, freebies, etc. when buying from an online store. In addition, most online businesses have an excellent return policy, offer free delivery and full refund. This is the main reason why in-store sales growth is eclipsed by online growth.

“In 2011, the top grossing sales online are from travel, groceries and fashion, with a total 73% combined share on online retail industry revenue. Consumers can get the latest international trends without spending money on airfare. When they shop online, they can shop from retailers in other parts of the country without being limited by their local area” (Michelle Hammond , 2012). This shows how influential Internet access is to an individual shopping online because they can browse various suppliers in little time and locate exactly what they want. It’s truly convenient to customers and no wonder this trend is growing so quickly.

According to online retail sales index, Australians spent $10.5 billion with online retailers in 2011. Department stores, clothing lines, beauty products, online auctions and some other stores took 47 percent of online sales in 2011, while groceries, food and other food making stores took 13 percent of sales.

There are many companies available to help business leverage technology and expose their products or service offerings on the online community, and one of the best on the scene is SMBSEO. They are known to bring websites that perform well with all major search engines that are constantly updated with new ways to SEO websites and advertise online. With the help of a professional company like SMBSEO, it becomes easier for customers to find your business online and complete transactions.

There are a lot of reasons why consumers choose to buy from an online stores over brick-and-mortar stores. First, the advantage of less overhead expenses in terms of rental and staff nearly removes barriers to entry and provides a huge advantage. Second, it is becoming the shopping channel of choice for many consumers and businesses who aren’t making an effort to be online will soon be obsolete. Third, 90% of consumers are savvy in the online purchasing procedure. Fourth, consumers lose interest on repetitive procedures at brick and mortar stores, like an item being out of stock, long lines, and loss of time. And lastly, consumers tend to be more attracted to online shopping business because of its convenience and reliability that can give.


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